A note from Bob, the singing Pilot

Heather, today I was you!


I had to commute home while sitting in the foward flight attendant jumpseat on one of our MD-80s. The lead FA who allowed me to sit with her was very nice.That is so wierd sitting backwards in the plane. You get a greater sensation of acceleration on takeoff. In fact, it was kinda fun. Gonna try sitting backwards in the cockpit next time….ya know….for fun!

And oh to see the world through a 5 inch porthole window! Amazing.But I now truly appreciate how hard you all work on the MD80, especially pre and post flight. While us pilots are sitting in our cockpit’s leather massage chairs, eating caviar and fois gras, you are all back there slaving away.

And the 1st class passengers……most were very nice…..most, not all. One guy, a 4,000,000 miler, kept comming into the galley and serving himself diet cokes when the FA was in back. I offered to help, but no.

Oh to be Heather………………if only for a day.

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