Flight attendant shoes: Kelly & Katie Whitney flat – black

(UPDATE 8/29/2012 : I’m still wearing these shoes, and I STILL like them a lot.  I even mention them in this New York Times article: Best Shoes for Travel? Ask a Flight Attendant)

Oh sure they might look a little like Pilgrim shoes.  And yeah, that big silver buckle might not be regulation.  But these Kelly & Katie black flats are by far THE MOST comfortable in-flight shoes I’ve ever worn, and I tested them working four back to back New York – Miami turns, followed by a two-day New York – Los Angeles trip.  I love em!   So much so I could have cared less if a pilot called them birth control shoes.  (More like jerk control shoes)  Right now they’re only $29.95 at DSW.

Commuting home after six days of flying

8 Replies to “Flight attendant shoes: Kelly & Katie Whitney flat – black”

  1. Those are cute! That pilot can go fly a plane and leave the fashion decisions to other people with better taste. 🙂

    1. I think “hideous” is too strong a descriptive! They may not be runway shoes, but they sure are jetway shoes!

  2. Those shoes are actually quite cute and if they are comfortable, I don’t care if they look like “man” shoes as my husband calls a pair I once had. Of course, I just found a pair of Naturalizers in the Flight Store in CVG that are to die for. I see flight attendants walking through the airport that look like they should be in the strip club, not a uniform, so you go for it girl! They are flat, cute and respectable!

  3. “Birth control shoes” …??? I think I know what he’s suggesting, and as a guy, I COULDNT DISAGREE MORE!! I think they are very pretty and quite sexy actually. I wish all flight attendants wore pretty flats like this.

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