7 celebs & travel experts dish on their go-to travel item

This originally appeared on Huffington Post

Poshbrood caught up with some travel experts, road warriors and celebs to find out their must-have travel items to help make their travels more enjoyable.  Now I have no idea how I got included on this list, but I’m flattered nonetheless.  Here’s what I shared…

“The survivalist in me wants to say a bottle of water and snacks that don’t expire for five years. That’s because I’ve been on too many flights that have been delayed hours because of weather or that have diverted to other airports due to medical emergencies and I know there’s not enough food in coach to feed a full plane full of passengers. That aside, I rarely ever travel without headphones. Only because you never know when you’re going to sit next to someone who likes to talk – a lot. If you’re a flight attendant, or even a frequent flier, you’re often too tired to strike up a lengthy conversation with a stranger. A lot of times I don’t even turn the music on. I’m just sitting there listening to silence.”


[Photo courtesy of Smays]


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