How To Market Yourself to Strangers 24/7 (and Make Anonymous Payments) with Credo360



A friend, somebody I know and trust, someone who actually took my son to the beach today, has come up with a way for people to own their reputation so they can take it with them wherever they go in the world.  Credo360 can help people decide if someone is trustworthy. I’m not talking about trustworthy as in to date, although I keep telling my friend there’s got to be a way to use this same idea in the dating world, I’m talking about monetary transactions. In other words, the B word.  Business. 

Have you ever talked yourself out of purchasing something you found on an unfamiliar site because you didn’t want to get scammed?  Have you ever paid more for an item you found listed someplace else cheaper only because you wanted to actually receive the item you paid for without contacting the seller 20 times or calling your credit card company to cancel payment? Me, too. Credo360 gives users a better sense of who they’re dealing with mind, which in turn creates more options for consumers.   

Credo360 can also be used like a marketing tool.  With the growing popularity of online marketplaces like Ebay, Etsy, Poshmark, Mercari, and Ruby Lane, there has to be a lot of resellers out there thinking about starting their own online store to avoid paying listing and selling fees that eat into profits.  I know I have. Wouldn’t it be nice if resellers could transfer top seller rankings or five star reputations and the hundreds of good reviews you earned to a different platform to help expand a business or to avoid starting from scratch all over again? That’s basically what Credo360 does. It gives users a chance to increase sales without depending on a third party‘s reputation that gives customers a sense of security. Marketing your Credo360 score is a lot like sharing hundreds of good reviews.   

Most people already know a good review is everything in business world. A good review is equivalent to a good reputation. People are more likely to do business with a person or company they know they can trust. Unfortunately, it can take months for a small business to build a good reputation and often requires practically giving something away for free just to get the right number of good reviews to earn a first time buyer’s trust. Whether you’re buying or selling, Credo360 can help move things along a little quicker for everyone.


It’s free to sign up. New users are assigned an ID number.  ID numbers can be used to deal with someone you don’t know by sharing a link using email or text message or it can be placed on a website, blog or social media profile.  Credo360 uses social media or financial accounts to calculate a score for each user.  Kind of like a credit report score. It’s up to each user to decide what to share with Credo360 to build their score. When a stranger looks up your ID number, they’ll be able to see your score and where you fall  on the Credo360 trustworthiness scale. The range goes from 0-360.  250 and above is considered good.


It’s easy to improve a score by allowing users who’ve shared a monetary transaction to rate or review each other.  Both parties must agree the transaction took place before they can rate or review one another. There’s also an option to block users or make your profile anonymous by blurring your profile photo and only showing your first name, the first initial of your last name and ID number.


What makes Credo360 unique is it can also be used to make monetary transactions, just like Paypal and Venmo.  Unlike other popular commerce platforms, Credo360 gives users the option to make anonymous payments. This can be important to someone who might want to make an anonymous donation to a political party or foundation to avoid backlash from third parties.

To learn more, visit Credo360.

I’ve already signed up, but more people need to join to make it work. It’s free so join now and connect with me!

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