Undercover Sheep 100% Merino Wool Face Mask

This Undercover Sheep mask is my new favorite face mask and believe it or not it’s made out of wool. Merino wool. 100% merino wool. It’s a luxurious mask. I had no idea wool could feel so soft, like a jersey T-shirt. Whenever I misplace my mask I panic because that’s how much I like it. I don’t want to go back to my old favorite. I won’t share the name. Because the Undercover Sheep mask is made out of wool, a natural fiber, it’s easier to breathe. The black elastic strap doesn’t bother my ears. I have three different colors: pink, blue, black. Before Covid19, I never wore pink. After Covid19, I wear my pink mask every day. It’s a happy color. (My son stole the black one and won’t give it back. He’s a fan too.) If we’re friends, you’ll probably get one for Christmas. I’m going to add it to my list of favorite things post.

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