Travel Theme Christmas Ornaments

Some people collect travel theme shot glasses, others collect travel theme Christmas ornaments. I bought this Paris “Joyeux Noel” Santa Climbing the Eiffle Tower ornament on my first Paris layover over twenty years ago. I love it. I’ll cry if it ever breaks. I don’t remember where I bought the airplane ornament but it’s one of my favorites and I always hang it front and center on the tree. For some reason I don’t have any world globe ornaments, but I want one and I plan to buy this one from Amazon. While searching for the perfect world globe ornament, I decided to create an Amazon wish / idea list of travel theme ornaments that include this airplane Santa ornament and this luggage ornament and this passport ornament and airplane wrapping paper and more… If I didn’t have my Christmas tree skirt that I bought on a layover in Lima, Peru (photo coming soon), I’d totally buy this cosmopolitan world landmarks and monuments skirt or maybe this airplane route Christmas skirt. Check out MY AMAZON STORE to see the full list of cool things to buy your favorite traveler. On that note, here’s a totally outdated Christmas gift list for flight attendants I created in 2010. Well, I guess the stun gun and Xanax still might be useful.

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Paris Santa Christmas Ornament

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