My Twitter Account Got Hacked By A Gamer Who Flips Stolen Accounts For Likes & Follows

On Oct 29, 2021 my Twitter account @Heather_Poole was hacked by hacker, scammer @Xyzify @Xyzified @Xyzified @Ismmercury (same user) who was quick to change my password and email so I couldn’t log in to report it to Twitter. Before he blocked me, I noticed my tweets from Jun – present had been deleted.

His first tweet as me was “Hey everyone” You can see the username @Xzyified next to my photo in the screenshot.

@Xyzified’s second tweet as me was an IOSHaven #TeamSeas Retweet. Can’t help but think that’s a clue.

On Oct 31 my username @Heather_Poole was moved to a different account that only has 1K followers. @Heather_Poole now belongs to a dude who looks nothing like me. 

My content (bio, tweets, photos, 89K followers) was sold to @damaskedcat for $150. At least that’s what he told me he paid for it when he sent me a private message to see if I wanted to buy it back for the same price. I don’t trust hackers so I told him to enjoy being me. 

The person holding my content (bio, photos, tweets 89K followers) for ransom, the same person who reached out to me on Oct 31 (@damaskedcat? @XYZify?) is obsessed with getting verified and believes my account can do that for him. I told him there’s a reason I’m not verified. I’m an author, not media/journalist/celebrity. He mentioned that I have a lot of verified followers and said that’s all he needs to get my account – or is it his account – verified. I told him I had tried to get verified twice in the past and got rejected both times. He told me Twitter has changed its verification policy making it easier to get verified. I told him I didn’t need to be verified to get followers because my tweets aren’t boring like his – and all his gamer friends who spend all day begging for likes and follows. I told him I don’t have to rely on a little check to get follows, nor do I have to HACK/STEAL accounts to use for likes and follows. He said goodnight and blocked me.

Last night I noticed @Damaskedcat uses the same profile photo as @Xyzify. Not to be confused with @XYZifie who tried to sell my 89K followers for $90 yesterday.

My content (bio, photos, tweets, 89K followers) has changed names many times since Oct 29. It went from @Heather_Poole to @XYZified to @89KTwits to @GiveGG to @XlsCool69 and finally @Damaskedcat. That’s how hackers get away with buying and selling STOLEN content (followers). They constantly change the name or flip it to other people eager to buy followers or sell likes.

I filed 4 reports with Twitter and all I’ve received is a form letter stating they’re investigating my case. I’ve learned a lot about the sad pathetic lonely world of gamers over the last three days. They’re #XYZlegit…pathetic. 

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