Ish Time

It was one o’clock on a Tuesday and I was standing in the longest line I’ve ever seen at Wahoo’s Fish Taco’s, fantasizing about the blackened chicken Wahoo salad I’d soon be eating, when one of the two guys standing in front of me wearing navy blue Vans stopped laughing long enough to reach into…

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Oh, Harry.

Umm, hello, people, why dream of William when there’s Harry… Thursday, on my way from NY to LA, I scored the motherload of all motherloads. I was standing at the front of the coach cabin, smiling and saying my goodbye’s, when a couple of very nice passengers coming back from market so graciously dumped their…

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To Flop or Not?

Back in New York, where I keep a small one bedroom apartment close to the airport, I’ve got a closet full of shoes, beautiful shoes that, before I got married, have been on quite a few really great dates, shoes that have seen things that most people only dream about. I love shoes. I really…

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Now Hiring Flight Attendants

A good friend, and ex roommate, I lived with seven years ago in a two story Archie Bunker like house in Forest Hills, Queens (along with six other flight attendants, a black and white Border Collie named Monica, and a Bulgarian yellow cab driver I will most likely mention again in a later post), emailed…

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ON THE ROAD IN TEXAS Only six more hours to go Filling up, again Woo-hoo, boys, over here. … and then get the hell out of here!(Yeah, we were just a tad bit nervous ) Just another pasture Umm…okay. Buba

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The Other Blonde

I should have noticed sooner something strange was going on with my husband when I’d fly to New York to go to work, which is something I do every month because I’m a flight attendant for a major US airline based at La Guardia Airport. Honestly, though, my work schedule is so hectic that I…

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Cathay Pacific

For those obsessed with flying, a funny email from the husband who traveled in first class from Los Angeles to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific… This flight was better than anyone could put in words. I have my own little cabin with a desk internet and movies. I was given a Shanghai Tzen pajama set…

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