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15 Gifts For Flight Attendants

There’s nothing like practically living on an airplane to change what you wish for every year. “All I want for Christmas is job security, being able to hold my first choice work schedule, two weeks vacation, a raise, longer layovers, more wide-body flying, faster flying times, grateful and polite passengers with a sense of humor,…

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Goodies for the crew

I’m taking a trip next week to Las Vegas. Is there anything I can bring the flight attendants and pilots as a little token of my appreciation. You guys work a really hard job. I just saw the Capitalism Micheal Moore movie and I had no idea that pilots and flight attendants got such a…

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Flight attendant gift: stewardess coffee mugs

Ahhhh folks….ahhhh….this is the captain speaking….ahhh….we are flying over Los Angeles right now…..ahhhh…..if you look out the left window you’ll see….ahhhh…….Heather Poole having a very happy birthday……and ahhhhh….not being at work. We know you have…ahhh…choice of birthdays to celebrate and we thank you for choosing her’s – Bob, the singing pilot Thank you, Bob!  That…

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