Photo of the day: When asked if she would make a scene if the TSA searched her, Sister Sarcastic simply replied “There will be NUN of that!” And then she prayed for someone to frisk her.

 Photo courtesy of Jen Pollack Bianco / Quote courtesy of Ian Moore AND RobbieCakes  

PHOTO OF THE DAY: With airlines and hotels discontinuing amenities to save money, frequent fliers are encouraged to use the ‘fresh remote’ pouch to polish their shoes and then take it with them to use as an air sickness bag on their trips home.

Photo courtesy of @The_Husband Caption courtesy of Paul Haney AND Jim McDonough  

Photo of the day: Okay….let’s try CNTL + ALT + DEL, thought the pilot seconds before the aircraft was taken out of service. But not without first turning around to make sure no one was looking!

                      Photo courtesy of Darren Schank Caption courtesy of  Doc737 I had a hard time…