He Loves Me.

My Husband is so in love with me today, it’s kind of starting to freak me out. Seriously. And no, we have not been to a marriage counselor. Nor did we have wild and crazy sex last night. What we did do is go shopping this weekend. Yes, I actually was able to drag the husband out during one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year. And a little over five hours ago The Husband walked into the living room dressed in his usual “I’ll be working downtown” attire of tan khaki pants and an earth toned button down shirt, and said, and he said this with a very serious, yet loving face, “I love you, Heather Poole. I really do. I don’t know why, but I’m really feeling it this morning.”

Well I know why. I know exactly why he was feeling it this morning. Because I, too, was feeling it. Love. For real. And it made me giggle.

The husband cocked his head and said, “Do you think it’s the curtains?”

“Oh yeah, for sure, it’s definitely the curtains,” I said, and I said it matter of fact as I smiled at the latest addition to our house. And I didn’t just think it. I knew it. What else could it be?

And because of the way my husband was feeling, I jumped into the mommy mobile and drove to the nearest shopping center as fast as I could the minute he left for work. Hey, girlfriend here knows when to take advantage of the sitche-ation. Though not as well as I’d like. Because all I ended up with was a $14 sundress that was on sale at a dress-for-less kind of place, and a big yellow dump truck and one of those “popcorn” push around thingies for the little one.

Back to the curtains. It’s true, I have to admit, they have seriously changed our lives. Who would have thought that six panels of forest green silk could make such a difference in our house? Honestly, I can’t believe it myself. But they do, those beautiful drapes add a sense of peacefulness we have not felt in years – three years to be exact.

“It’s weird,” my husband said, gazing across the room lovingly as the silk oh so slightly quivered in the breeze, “but when I used to walk into this room I felt such rage. But now…” Inhale. Exhale. “I can breath.”

Me, too. It’s so nice to breath again.

The “before” curtains were actually gold silk sari’s I’d found online after an exhaustive month long search. They were pretty. They really were. Just not in my house.

And here they are, all wadded up in a plastic grocery bag. At first, as hard as it was going to be, I’d planned on dropping them in the trash. But as I headed out the door The Husband stopped me with, “Hey, uh, maybe I’ll wear them for Halloween!” That cracked him up. But it got me thinking…maybe I could cut them up and make, oh, I don’t know, drink coasters, or something. And then The Husband suggested making the munchkin an exotic tent. And that’s when an even better idea came to mind. Oh yeah, this one’s good. I’ll be wrapping those suckers up and sending them to SOMEONE, a one who will remain nameless, for her yearly Christmas gag gift. Along with a recycled ten pound fruit cake.

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