A Quickie

Ummm….okay….anyone else still feeling as disturbed as I am after reading John’s little snippet about Glen-da yesterday? Anyone else wondering why the heck it took SOOO long to get rid of that guy anyway? And am I the only one still trying to figure out what in the world rhyme’s with Glen-da? (Ben-da, Den-da, Fen-da?) Okay, new topic. Kind of. Yesterday I took The Munchkin to the park where he trailed after the bigger kids (who wanted nothing to do with him) in his brand new kicks like a sad little puppy. Since I’m always armed with the digital camera, I got a couple really great shots of the kid holding a red rubber ball, trying to talk to this adorable pig-tailed little girl, pictures I’d love to post here, but man, it just seems so wrong to post pics of the kid right now. In fact, I’m not even sure what to write about right now. J-Go, other wise known as John, has left me speechless. Luckily I just received the latest edition of Writer’s magazine in the mail, and that, I’m sure, will take my mind off of that Glen-da freak and motivate me to get back to work on SKYDOLL, which is something I REALLY need to do.

SKYDOLL update – Because the writers meeting is coming up next weekend, I’ll soon, as in later today, or tomorrow – maybe, be posting chapter 2 on the publishers marketplace website. It’s a chapter about Nicole and her flight attendant friend John, a character who is inspired by my real life friend John, the same John you read about the other day. Please do not get confused. This is not ABOUT John. It’s not! It is, however, INSPIRED BY John. Big difference. We’ve been through this before already, remember? Although the character John in my book dates a guy named Richard, just like my friend John does in real life, character Richard is a pilot, a first officer from San Diego that character John meets at a Starbucks in Chicago – to be precise. Still with me? Okay, let me clarify. Richard, in real life, is not a pilot. In fact, he’s just a regular person. Meaning he does not work for an airline. And anyway, for the record, real John would NEVER date a pilot in real life. At least I don’t think he would. Though, who knows, maybe he would. I mean just when you think you know a person they let a sicko like Glen-da back in the house a second time. I’m really quite shocked about that. And, let’s say, real life Richard just so happened to be a pilot, then John would, in fact, be dating a pilot, right? Because it’s not really the job he’s dating, but the man. Or is it? It all gets so confusing, doesn’t it? Just check out the chapter when I post it online.

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