LIFE OVER EASY, that’s the name of Margo’s new book. In case you forgot, Margo is one of the women in my writing group, the one I affectionately refer to as SPICY CHAI, who just so happens to be a fantastic writer, which is why I can’t wait to read the book. I’ll be ordering it on Amazon tomorrow, along with SLUMMY MUMMY and THE RIVER OF LOST STEPS, a book I may be mentioning again in the near future. I’ll most likely title that post GOOGLING. But first I must finish the book I’ve been reading for months now; Jane Austin’s PERSUASION, a book I purchased soon after reading THE JANE AUSTIN BOOK CLUB, which is now a movie by the same name. I really do hope to see it soon. After Persuasion, I’ll be taking on THE MANNY, followed by WAY OF THE SUPERIOR MAN, a book that a passenger on my Seattle flight highly recommended. This passenger, the one seated in row 9, wants me to email him as soon as I’m done reading the book to let him know what I thought of it. This same passenger, a VERY frequent flier, was also gracious enough to allow me to photograph his feet, his shoeless feet, socks on dirty linoleum to be precise. I’ll be posting that photo (titled THE PICKUP) along with quite a few other interesting photos sometime next week. My favorite photo (titled PHASE THREE) may just be the perfect book cover for SKYDOLL.

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