Man Period

If the husband asks me one more time whether or not I’ve cleaned out the desk drawers, organized the family photos, returned something to Pottery Barn, or if he asks what’s for dinner just so he can tell me he doesn’t want that, or feel the need to remind me that he works all day (even though I’ve been raising a kid all day) I’m gonna …. Actually I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I can’t take it anymore! Man period, is there really such a thing? I think so. Here’s how urban dictionary defines it…

The sole and absolute male counterpart to pms in females. Multiple changes in behaviour(s) at various times in the month is characteristic of this affliction.Symptoms Include:-fear of reality-abrupt irritability-unwillingness to solve problems-inconsiderate, yet expects you to be excessively considerate to his feelings-displays momentary regression back to childish nature(‘little boy syndrome’)-argumentative but totally still wants to sleep with/do you @ the end of the day-onset of inwardness-inconsiderate, yet expects you to be excessively considerate to his feelings-sporadic moments where he cares again, but doesn’t actually mean it-failure to initiate the apology and or admitting wrongfulness-purposely goes out of the way to frustrate others(*See ‘little boy syndrome’ above; ie. If he’s miserable, EVERYONE else has to be)-clearly shows signs of holding onto young man angst(and all things EMO) and behaving like such a little douche bag because of it-the OPPOSITE of helpful

Oh yes, based on that definition, there definitely is such a thing as the man period. I’ve even seen it on the airplane, particularly in business class. And yeah, The Husband is experiencing it right this very moment. As I type. In fact, he’s asked me to stop typing and to get off the damn computer! Man period. It’s for real.


  1. So true, my little Heather! I had to laugh about the Business Class man period- I remember it all too well. JFK-LAX. “You don’t have anymore cereal?” Wahhhhhaaaahhh, cry, cry. “SOMEONE took MY overhead space!” “Can you (petite, cute and totally grossed out Flight Attendant) please find a space for my huge ass bag and my incredibly wussy behavior?” Wahhhaaahhh!
    Unrelated to the airplane period…… Niles, BE NICE and HELPFUL to the wife. Little things are HUGE. Take the boy to the park and PLAY with him! Each day is a gift. This is my advice to you, my friend.

  2. I am soooo with you right now! The Husband and I have been having one of those silent fights over whose approach to puppy discipline and training is correct. Apparently even though he is not around to see it, he feels qualified to opine that the puppy “respects” him more than me and that my methods with the puppy are all wrong. yeah, ok. this is the husband I have to remind about feeding and walking the puppy when I’m not home.

    Look, dear-husband-having-the-man-period, if you are cranky and pissy, just keep it to yourself, ok? Don’t come to me picking a fight because I actually have work to do, and while both are unpleasant, at least I get paid for working.

  3. I was in a library when I read this post and thank goodness I was able to contain the HUGE BOUTS OF LAUGHTER that threatened to erupt 😀

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