Traveling, or not…

Yes, I travel for a living, but not nearly as much as The Husband. The man flew over 100,000 miles last year alone. Remember, we met on a flight. The guy works hard, I’ll give him that, and traveling is not easy. Sure there are good things about traveling, lots and lots of good things, but then there are the bad things. I’m not talking about the long lines at security, the oversold flights, the cramped seats, the delays or even the grumpy crews. What I’m talking about is life off of the airplane. The life at home. My home in particular. Because when your kid starts calling the Chinese food delivery man dada! Well, you kind of have to wonder…



  1. Hey, what a wonderful blog! have read it all through today, couldn’t stop. why are there vurtually no comments? sent the link to friends, they all love it!

    w best from Moscow,
    Andrei 🙂

  2. I’m right there with you. When P-Daddy and I are both home, our discussions about who’s making dinner and what we’re having come down to who’s calling for delivery and what kind of delivery we’re getting.


    And how sad is it that I think, “yay, no travel for a month because I’m having surgery”?? pathetic.

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