Delta and Northwest are on the verge of merging. If approved, the deal would create the world’s largest airline and could be followed by more consolidation.

All I’ve got to say about this is…NOOOO! And I mean NO! NO! NO! NO!

Okay maybe yes, but only if MY airline were to merge with British Airways. I mean have you seen those uniforms? Love em!

So why no to mergers? Because a merger affects company seniority, and seniority at an airline is EVERYTHING. I mean everything. Especially when you’re on reserve. Still. After thirteen years of flying. Have I mentioned reserve is hell? Actually, it’s worse than hell.

“The area where mergers have gone the most wrong has typically been in labor integration,” said James Higgins, a Soleil Securities Corp.

Umm..Yeah, I’d say so.

Nathan Hurst from Detroit writes: Complicating the matter for Delta and Northwest is that a vast majority of Northwest’s nearly 30,000 employees are unionized, but only pilots at Delta are represented. Besides the pilots, Northwest’s unionized workers include flight attendants, mechanics and baggage handlers. Caldwell said the union has been exploring various merger scenarios, involving different airlines, for weeks. It has also gone forward with plans to seek a vote of Delta flight attendants, asking them to join the union. The union said it will file the necessary cards with the National Mediation Board on Thursday to get that vote.

Yes, vote yes, Delta! And why, I ask, didn’t you vote yes before all this drama?

As merger talk continues to swirl around the airline industry — UAL Corp.’s United Airlines and Continental Airlines are reportedly in their own talks — national leaders of the largest air carrier labor unions will meet Thursday at an industry conference in Washington to discuss the rumored deals and how employees might be affected by them.

Again I say no.



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