I had just booked the Turkish hotel in Venice and the Villa Rosa in Positano, and was just about to book the hotel in Rome when my husband rang my cell and exclaimed, “WAIT!”

“Wait?” I asked, simultaneously typing Gregoriana Hotel Rome into the search engine.

“Don’t book the room in Rome just yet. We might want to stay an extra night in Positano.”

I removed my fingers from the keyboard and slumped back in my chair. “Really?”

“Oh yes, really. I might need an extra night to make love on you in Positano,” he whispered, before cracking himself up.

I rolled my eyes and hung up the phone.

Trust me when I tell you my husband does not want an extra night to make love ON me – not to me – in Positano. Ever since Wednesday night when I tortured the man by making him watch the movie UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN in order to get us in the Italian spirit, he’s been torturing me with the above phrase. He won’t stop. Somebody please make him stop!

In the movie, Diane Lane’s character meets Marcello, a sexy Italian, in Rome, who whisks here away in a convertible sports car to Positano where he takes her to bed and makes love ON her. When Marcello murmured those words in bed, the husband and I just looked at each other. I smiled. He made the something smells face. Personally, I loved the movie. The husband, he won’t stop making fun of the movie. So I ask again – somebody please make him stop! I can’t take it anymore.



  1. I thought the book was great and the movie sucked. The only good thing about the movie was the scenery and the locale, of course. Sorry Heather, I am with Niles on this one. I could barely take the stupid plot twists and lame writing/acting. The sceenwriter took nothing from the book, except that it was set in Italy. In other words, to quote the famous Cosmo Kramer, “It was loathesome, yet I couldn’t look away.”

  2. Oh my God! You’re going to Italy too? I’m just going to Tuscany but sending four days on the Italian Riviera. No long awaited Honeymoon for me. I’m going with my Mom. lol


  3. I’m with Cady. The movie was BAD (as in not good at all). The book was okay. That’s a funny line though that your husband keeps bringing up. Just think about the cute Italian dude whenever he says it. 🙂 That might make it less painful. Ciao!

  4. It’s great that you’re sharing your adventures like this!

    I’ve checked out the tuscany villas and can’t wait to get over there myself to drink lots of vino under the tuscan sun too!

  5. I am STILL trying to finish the book, but the movie was fun to watch. I am glad that I encouraged you to check it out,again. Especially those beautiful Positano scenes and the hot Italian your husband doesn’t like….by the way, I am still laughing at the image of the face he made….pretty funny!

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