VENICE: In Search of Olive Oil

Azienda Oleicola Deoli Abruzzi, that’s what it reads on the most amazing bottle of olive oil I’ve ever had the pleasure to taste. At least I think that’s what it says because I had to zoom in 16X’s to read the label, and even then I had problems making out the letters. The Husband and I happened upon this little bottle of heaven at Trattoria Al Ponti, located in Santa Croce, which is right across the Rialto Bridge. Just cross the bridge and start walking. Don’t stop, keep on walking. And walking. And walking. Whatever you do, don’t give up, because once you find this place you won’t be disappointed. Trust me, I know, and I’m still dreaming about it. Now keep on walking. Look for construction worker types parking their motor boats outside a charming little restaurant with a picturesque view of a canal. That’s how we found the place. Actually we got lucky when we stumbled upon it since we were originally headed somewhere else, but eventually we got fed up wandering around in circles for an hour looking for Trattoria Antica Besseta, a trattoria I had read about on page 432 in Frommer’s Italy 2008. All I can say is thank god we didn’t find what we were looking for, because what we found was purely divine. So much so, I’m determined to find that bottle of olive oil and have it shipped to my house in LA. Anyone know where I can find it? Or if you, dear reader, stumble across this post because you’re doing a little research of your own before you head off to Venice, drop me a line so I can send you the cash. Come on now, there’s plenty of room in your bag! Please.

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  1. Gentile di Chieti, Dritta, and Leccino olives are the dominant olives in extra virgin olive oils from Abruzzo.

    I’ve searched through Olio2go’s ( resources to find your exact olive oil — without success.

    Aprutium and Ursini Opera Mastra are worth considering, as they are from Abruzzo and are blended from the dominant olive cultivars. Both are described as Medium Fruity. For an intensely fruity oil, you may wish to choose Muraccio from Lazio.

  2. Luanne – Thank you so much for the olive oil recommendation. I’ll be checking into it today. 🙂

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