Stew Shoes, Skymall & Boeing – Boeing

Stew shoes, Skymall & Boeing-Boeing, read all about it on GALLEY GOSSIP!

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  1. Skydoll, glad to read that things are going so well for you! I need a RSS feed to keep up with all of the activity. You go girl! You deserve it.

    Life at the top can be vicious. However, if you’re not taking heat or criticism, you’re likely not doing anything right. Imbeciles outnumber decent people in this world. It’s good that you notice the noise from the idiots because it means you still care generally. You’re a resilient person. Don’t accept the premise of the question or ignore it altogether if you don’t agree. These same dolts are why major corporations have lawyers and terms like “nuisance value” exist. 🙂

    ONS story to tell you about that involves a DFW AC shower, DFW tram and NY hotel.

    I’m on #2 next week, but you’re about 20 years too young to be on that route.

    Safe travels, and remember the sign language (apply your index and middle fingers tips together and then point toward the target with your right index finger). It’s a bummer if the person understands sign language, but you will likely get away with it hundreds of times before you’re called on it.

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