Blog Slacker..

I’ve been a blog slacker – believe me, I know, but it’s not easy juggling a million things at once. One of the things I’m juggling is a blog book. I’m turning a blog into a book. Not my blog. The Kid’s blog. Yes, he has a blog, too. And it’s super cute! Which is why I’m turning it into a book entitled THE SECOND YEAR. This project, as time consuming as it is, is totally worth all the energy I’ve been putting into it. So if you’ve got a blog, or are thinking about making a blog (DO IT!), you should turn that blog into a book. You’ll be glad you did. Just go to and get started. Or you could just visit my other site, GALLEY GOSSIP, and read all about my TOP FIVE SKYMALL GIFTS FOR THE FREQUENT FLIER. BTW, I’ve still got stories and photos from Italy to share. So don’t forget to check back!


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