Beat the crap out of the flight attendant day is over…

Well beat the crap out of the flight attendant day is over, and it wasn’t half as bad as I thought it was going to be. Flight Attendant Pet Peeve #3, You want me to do what? generated over 540 comments, and what is even more surprising than the amount of comments that came pouring in were the amount of positive responses! That says something! What does it say? It says not everyone hates flight attendants. Which is nice to know, particularly when you’re a flight attendant surrounded by passengers. The post also resulted in lots and lots of hits. This week alone I generated over 30,000 hits, which is pretty darn good for one little flight attendant blogger. If you missed Pet Peeve #3, or my other two posts – A mini hotel for the commuting flight attendant, a question about tipping flight attendants, go to GALLEY GOSSIP and check it out.

So what will I be writing about next? First I’ll be addressing naked passengers, and then I’ll probably move on to an interesting bottle of wine I found at Costco (which will be added to the flight attendant museum in the closet of my guestroom), and then I’d like to FINALLY post my Positano pictures, and eventually I’ll address how I went to Italy for ten days with nothing but a rollaboard and a tote bag – in other words, packing light.

Before I can get to all that, I must say goodbye to my friends from New York who have been in town visiting for the last five days, and then I need to set up a PO Box because I’ve got a few people sending me books about flying to review on Gadling – yes, that’s right, I am now a flight attendant, writer, book reviewer – and then it’s back to New York, back work on Thursday. Oh, and I’m still trying to drop my trip to LA – any takers?


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