Name? John
Hometown? Corpus Christi, Tx

Base? JFK (New York)

Hours flown this month? 96 hours but will be more like 85

Last flight? Paris

Galley or Aisle? Either

First class, business class, or coach? First class of course!!!

Widebody or Narrowbody? Widebody, hello, size queen here!

Favorite airplane? Boeing 777

Regular Route? Really don’t have just one. Mostly Paris, London, and Brussles.

Dream Trip? Rome

Nightmare Trip? Anything that goes through MIA (Miami) FO SHO (F *#@K ME!)

What exactly is in your rollaboard? tennis shoes, jeans, shorts, swim trunks,candle, belt, sox, cap, oatmeal, pocket tuna, plastic spoon&fork, extra non-dairy creamer

And the tote bag?WOW, waaaay too much to list, candy, books, maps, fag rags, cork screw, bottle opener, pens, paper, passport..etc…LOL

Any packing tips/tricks? always roll your shirts and pants and anything you want to stay wrinkle free fold it with tissue paper.

Favorite in-flight shoes? just my regular working black shoes, nothing fancy.

Any airport routines? run through the terminal as fast as i can to operations after grabbing a coffee!

Nicest Airport? i like Tokyo’s airport….user friendly

Worst Airport? ugh, anything in the state of Flordia!! (F*@#k ME!)

Favorite Airport restaurant? Auntie Anne’s Pritzels (does that count?)

Any traveling snacks? always have any hard candy and oatmeal packs.

Hotel away from home? Paris Marriott

Best layover city? now it would have to be Barcelona

Favorite in-flight announcement? “Flight attendants, prepare for landing!”

Book / Magazine last read on the jumpseat? last month’s issue of Instinct magazine

Most annoying passenger question? “Can i get the dressing on the side?” grrrrrrr!!!

Every hook up with a pilot? ugh, NOOOO

How about a passenger? ugh, NOOO

Another flight attendant (how many? LOL) “I take the fifth, thank you very much!”

Finish the following sentences:

I can’t fly without my…laptop computer and DVDs.

On my last flight…nothing crazy really happened, thank god!

Once a passenger….walked her puppy up and down the ailes waiting for it to take a piss and dump.

Once a flight attendant…called me Juan but ONLY once! She’s missing now….

I can’t stand when pilots…think they’re funny and refuse to pay their fare share at dinner…WTF?

If I could be anywhere in the world, I’d …still be in New York city!

When it comes to traveling, I wish…more people would be prepared for the stuff that can and will happen on their trips!

Why do passengers…NEVER read signs in the airport?

Any advice for travelers? Be well packed with snacks and always carry at least one change with you onboard. And never, never ring your call light button unless your arm has fallen off!

Next flight? Next flight will be Aug 1st to London’s Heathrow!



  1. What a cute little ‘series’. I should rob your idea and interview my colleagues (although they’re never as cute as John!). When is his next LHR trip 😉

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