Where in the world is Bob?

You know my friend Bob, the singing pilot, right? Well Bob just emailed me a picture he took on a layover with his cell phone. So tell me…WHERE IN THE WORLD IS BOB? If you can guess, you win. What do you win? I don’t know. You just win okay!


  1. i suppose it’s the old geyser at yellowstone national park?

    sorry it’s a random guess I’m not american ahahha!

  2. I think you both are right…but like BIGGIE-Z said, who lays over in Yellowstone? Then again, Bob always finds a way to do something amazing on his layovers. Bob, please tell us where you are and how the heck you got there…


  3. Why yes………those of you who guessed Yellowstone NP are correct.

    Your prize is a 1981 rusty Chevette! It is equipped with a 4 speed manual transmission, an aftermarket cassette player, and a collection of Richard Marx tapes.

    This was a vacation, not a layover! But……..we do layover in JAC, and I would be tempted to rent a car and drive to Yellowstone if I was in fact working.

    After I took this picture, my realtor called telling me we sold our house. Good thing too cus we just bought a new one. It was somewhat difficult closing a real estate deal with a loud geyser erupting in the background. Thankfully we cell phone service in the park.

    Hear the new RJ song, [2nd one]:



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