Name? Giovanny

Hometown? NYC

Base? LGA

Hours flown this month? Enough to get by

Last flight? DFW Turn

Galley or Aisle? Galley

First class, business class, or coach? First Class

Widebody or Narrowbody? Narrowbody, only because I fly out of LGA mostly

Favorite airplane? Any

Regular Route? DFW

Dream Trip? Last row in coach blocked for flight attendant use only

Nightmare Trip? Red Eye

Craziest thing that ever happened on a trip? Helped deliver a baby girl on a SJU-JFK flight

What exactly is in your rollaboard? Stuff

And the tote bag? More Stuff

Any packing tips/tricks? Always pack a change of underwear

Any airport routines? Taco Bell and a Smoothie at DFW

Nicest Airport? DEN

Worst Airport? MIA

Favorite Airport restaurant? Taco Bell

Any traveling snacks? M&M

Hotel away from home? Westin

Best layover city? NYC

Favorite in-flight announcement? Cross Check

Book / Magazine last read on the jumpseat? Timeline/USA

Most annoying passenger question? Are we there yet!

Ever hook up with a pilot? ewwww

How about a passenger? ewwww

Another flight attendant (how many? LOL) Double ewwww

Finish the following sentences:

Before I was a flight attendant, I… was dreaming of becoming a flight attendant

When I’m not flying, I… am playing my violin

I can’t fly without my… night guard

On my last flight… Rachel Weisz was in 6A

Once a passenger…. thought that I was Egyptian

Why do pilots… eat that stuff that they get catered

If I could be anywhere in the world, I’d … be in a cabin in the mountains

When it comes to traveling, I wish… I could fly

Why do passengers… go to the lavatory wearing only socks

If I had to pick one flight attendant pet peeve, it’d have to be… too many to mention here

Any advice for travelers? travel light

Next flight? DFW turn

If you’d like to know more about Giovanny, check out his website (which I’ll be adding to the right hand side of this website under flight attendants), and there you can read all about his Violin Journey, and see his amazing photos of musicians in New York…


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