New York to L.A.

I can not believe this, but I just bought a ticket for an amazing price for a transcontinental flight in November, as in this coming November, as in four weeks away. Yes, I am a flight attendant and I can fly for free, in a middle seat, if there is a middle seat available, but why torture myself getting bumped from flight to flight only to end up on a jumpseat at the end of the day when I can travel like a real person, at a real good price…

$235.40 for a ROUND TRIP ticket to New York from L.A. and that’s all I’ve got to say!



One comment

  1. That’s why every now and then you should check in with your blog buddy-FA (me) and fly UNITED PS from JFK!. I can’t tell you how many times there’s at least one or two (even more) empty seats in United First or Business Class. I’m still flying the friendly skies and loving every minute of it!


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