A few traveling photos

Many of you know I write for Gadling.com, but what many of you may not know is that when I write a post, I have to find a photo to go along with that post. Because my posts are over 1,000 words long, I really need to use two to three photos in order to keep you, dear reader, entertained. This means I end up spending entirely way too much time searching through hundreds of photos on flickr.com. Constantly I’m plugging in keywords like airplane, flight attendant, pilot, passengers, gate agents, luggage, carts, galleys, seats, business class, first class, coach, etc. It’s not easy finding a photograph that I can actually use, a photograph that does not look exactly like the last picture I just used. What to do? Start photographing anything and everything. Which explains these…

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  1. ahhaha, the ongoing illustrating problem. To add to the difficulty, I do not have access to the awesomeness of Flickr here in Dub-Dub…

  2. hahaha. I always carry a camera with me on my trips just in case i have a story i want to blog about. I can only imagine with all your stories hunting for photos!

    Love the blog! From another FA!

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