Flight Attendant Of The Month: AIRBOY!

Name? Ben

Hometown? Paris, France

Base? Dubai, UAE

Hours flown this month? around 90 chock to chock. 4590 if you count duty hours.

Last flight? Glasgow, UK

Galley or Aisle? Aisle, much more entertaining !

First class, business class, or coach? Cattle class so far, I have to upgrade before going for Business or First.

Widebody or Narrowbody? Here in the middle east, we like them wide.

Favorite airplane? Boing 777-3000 3 class

Regular Route? DXB – CDG, easiest of all for me.

Dream Trip? Since my base is Dubai it would go something like this : DXB – paris – New York – Buenos Aires – Bahamas with a layover of 48hrs at least in each and a week off in the bahamas before heading back !

Nightmare Trip? Jeddah turnaround. Search the archive for more on that topic.

Craziest thing that ever happened on a trip? Nothing too crazy as I’ve only flown for like 8 months but Partying hard in Singapore, treated like a VIP and having a jug of Vodka Redbull for my own was a highlight lol.

What exactly is in your rollaboard? Crew Manual, Macbook, adapters, shoe polish, CRC pajamas, digital camera, pens, tags, soundproof headphones, cigarettes.

And the tote bag?I haven’t got a tote but a jacket holder. Usually packed with a couple melted twix bars, some redbull and my oven gloves.

Any packing tips/tricks? Inside your cargo suitcase, I suggest any FA to print a list of essentials NOT TO FORGET, so before closing your suitcase you know what you’ve missed out on. Also having jokes printed out nice and big for the baggage handlers help having your newly expensive pair of sneakers when you get down route….

Any airport routines? Mug for flatmate when he doesn’t have it already, spend half an hour trying to figure out how you can spend the last coins of your allowance in some fridge magnet or stupid souvenirs…

Nicest Airport? Changi Singapore was a WOW… They have the cleanest carpet I have ever seen and the best conveyor belts I’ve tested !

Worst Airport? Bombay (that runway is scary, it’s not flat, there’s bumps all over) and Jeddah, why on earth would you park a 777-300 miles away from the terminal with 380 passengers to board ??????

Favorite Airport restaurant? I usually avoid airport restaurants. I’d rather stack up on a club sandwich at the hotel before leaving.

Any traveling snacks? The almighty Cup Noodle and the biscuits from Dry Stores.

Hotel away from home? Shandrani Hotel in Mauritius or Sheraton Bandara in Jakarta.

Best layover city? So far for me it was Hong Kong just because the whole crew decided to hit up Fong Wy Long on a Saturday night and we all had stories to tell the next day…. We weren’t too fresh either making it even funnier for our leg back to Dub-Dub.

Favorite in-flight announcement? The 20 minute long arabic announcement post take off that describes our IFE, it’s like watching the Marathon with your kids, it blows your mind !
Book / Magazine last read on the jumpseat? Conde Nast Traveller.

Most annoying passenger question? Do you know if the plane is full today ?? (during boarding).

Ever hook up with a pilot? No.

How about a passenger? No.

Another flight attendant (how many? LOL) Nope. None.

Finish the following sentences:

Before I was a flight attendant, Iused to work in pubs/bars in Paris serving homebrewed beer to very intoxicated strangers. Loved it but got sick of it.

When I’m not flying, I... divide my time between eating, blogging and taking care of the mug collection on the window sill.

I can’t fly without myshades. Always have shades ! Very useful for taking a good look around from the cockpit. There’s nothing worse than going for a brake up front and the sun is shining straight into the cockpit and you don’t have any sunglasses to enjoy the views.

On my last flight… to Glasgow, UK, the passengers emptied the bar carts. They are quite fond of Gin, Vodka and Baileys on ice. Not to mention they like to have 5 red wine bottles each for breakfast !

Once a passenger…. asked if we had fries for her 5 year old. I pinched myself just to make sure I wasn’t daydreaming, kept my cool and answered in a very calm and positive way that I would not be able to satisfy her culinary needs. I can cater you with chicken masala, lamb korma, continental with a hot croissant but fries were out of my cooking skills. Go grocery shopping before you get on your flight !

Why do pilotsalways have the best crew meals?

If I could be anywhere in the world, I’dbe somewhere near the Seychelles, sipping on a pina colada with Toots & The Maytals as background music from the beach hut.

When it comes to traveling, I wishI had a bubble to slip into and forget the horrifying sights surrounding me, especially on an aircraft.

Why do passengersgo to the lavatories bare-footed ?

If I had to pick one flight attendant pet peeve, it’d have to becalling me “darling” or “honey”, that’s not my name ! or even calling crew “guys”, this just drives me insane. I usually giggle in the corner whenever somebody says that.

Any advice for travelers? Go with the flow.

Next flight? Jakarta, Indonesia where a safari and a massage are awaiting me ! Weeehoooo It also happens to be one of my favourite hotel as mentioned above.

To read more about AIRBOY and his exciting life working with Emirates, go to his website (and there you’ll read the interview he did with me! Yep, that’s right, I was in the hotseat) Now go!



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