Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson, and me!

What do we three have in common? JAUNTED! Check out what wrote about us – US! As in me, Linds and Sam….

Don’t mess with Samantha Ronson! Granted, her mean face is probably directed toward the nasty paparazzi instead of fellow passengers on her flight that touched down at LAX Saturday, but that duffel is not small–and forget putting a Vuitton under the seat in front of you!
Or, as the tabloids allege, she’s feuding with fellow passenger and girlfriend Lindsay Lohan. Maybe one of them was looking for love on an airplane! Gadling’s always entertaining flight attendant columnist Heather Poole met her husband on a plane, but we don’t recommend looking for your next beau when your current one is on the same trip. And, while we congratulate Heather and her husband, we’d just as soon be left alone en route… how about you?

On a side note, the husband recently sat behind Samantha in business class and he reported that she wore her hoodie and slept the entire flight. Now that’s my kind of passenger! Hope to see ya soon Sam.


  1. That’s funny, her brother Mark was on one of my flights a few weeks ago, along with MOUNTAINS of luggage (he was with his band, though…

  2. Hey girl, that’s funny but remember celebrity’s come and go but really GOOD f/a’s are still here! We have to stay because we still love our ‘job’!

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