Good things really do happen on the airplane

I just have to share this letter from Maddy, in response to my post GALLEY GOSSIP: A QUESTION ABOUT MOVING FROM COACH TO FIRST WHEN THERE ARE SEATS AVAILABLE. It was just too cute not to share…

dear heather,

i know this sounds dumb, but i am 11 yrs old and once a lady had a kid sitting in coach who she wanted to sit by. it just so happens that my parents out me in that seat. she asked if they would mind if her and i switched seats and they said yes. when i asked where her seat was she said “through that curtain” i couldn’t believe it i was sitting in first class! love your blog!



  1. That is a MUCH happier story than I’d thought it would be…from what you tweeted on Twitter, I thought it would be about some kid who was so obnoxious, that the airline kicked him off the flight! Before it left the tarmac, I mean. But still – thanks for posting that endearing email.

  2. Cute! We rode home in 1st (after a 6hr delay) on Saturday the 27th and there was a guy in our cabin who had given up his Xmas Day seat so a family of 3 could travel together. How sweet is that?

    Of course, then he had to wait TWO days to get out of LAX and then on a delayed flight, and all without luggage, which went to EWR without him 2 days earlier.

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