In praise of flight attendants

Dear Heather,

As we close out the year and I give thought to wonderful people from 08 I want to write to send you new year’s wishes – and thank you for the wonderful boost you gave to Reclaiming the Sky in September. Your inclusion of the book on your blog was a great help to help us create awareness – and your fellow flight attendants who work with us join me in thanking you again.

Don’t know if you were caught up in all the storms this Holiday season, but I was (three days from NY to SEA) and I wrote an OP ED to give credit to the Flight Attendants and other aviation workers who extended themselves in quietly heroic fashion for their passengers:

Thought I’d share it with you, as we close out 08 and get ready for another year of aviation challenges in 09. Once again, Heather, thank you for all your help – and please keep writing. I eagerly await the publication of your novel!




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