Even rampers love their job (and have stories to share!)

Hey there Mrs. Heather Poole,

I just thought I’d type and let you know how much I enjoy stopping by Gadling to read your posts. I used to work RAMP IAD for UAL and my husband answered phones at the UAL callcenter in Sterling, VA. I really miss working at IAD. There is something about being above the clouds which is a charge to my soul. I’ve flown all my life thanks to my dad’s job…and one of our family friends was a UAL pilot in the 70’s and 80’s….back when the Friendly Skies were really friendly.

Alas, I do jones for the travel I used to do…. especially the First Class flights to CDG, hopping a flight to Rome or Barcelona, flying from Munchen to Italy and seeing the incredible Alps below (and I thought the Rockies were impressive!) and jetting to Colorado or Vermont for a day of skiing) For now, I live vicariously through my neighbor who is a FA with UAL and she keeps me informed of the fun. Now I get my kicks teaching folks how to ride motorcycles.

But I still miss driving all my bags—- especially the hotbags that need to make another connection—-and loading all those flights—even the heaviest of bags —-and especially all the strange things that happened on RAMP ——-I remember the one bag IAD to SFO that broke open, revealing packages of BACON spilling out (what? is the price of pig in California exorbitant? is it so much cheaper in the DC metro area that you have to fill your fabric suitcase with it, between your trousers, dress-shirts and socks? How bizarre!) Good times at IAD. Good folks. Sad to see what management does to an airline ‘though.

Keep writing! It is always fun to read!


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