Heather Poole is here…

Bob, the singing pilot, wrote…

I watched a movie on the airplane called:”Henry Poole is Here”It was kinda boring.Should they make a movie called “Heather Poole is Here?”

[movie guy’s voice]”In a world…..where flight attendants sit reserve….one woman….one airline……and a cast of 1000’s of passengers…..will meet…….and the world will not be the same…ever again.”[Cue dramatic bass heavy music. Roll flickering montage of short scene clips.]

Coming soon to theaters near you.

Spring of 09

One comment

  1. Heather
    I've been a long time reader of gadling but never much of a commentor & just wanted to say that I love reading the stuff you write. I worked for an express carrier for 2 1/2 years & loved every second & really want to join the majors. Your most recent post was AWSOME!! Keep up the good work & happy flying

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