Where to eat in LA!

In my GALLEY GOSSIP post Passenger of the month – Christoper Elliott, I mentioned that I would take Christopher to the best darn burrito place in Los Angeles the next time he was in town, which then led to one of my readers to accuse me of hitting on Christopher. When I’m funny (at least I think I’m funny) I get called a bitch, and then when I’m nice, I get accused of trying to pick up the passenger of the month. A flight attendant never wins.

Except this time.

Those of you who follow my blog know that I love not only flying, but books, movies and food – mostly food. So when Luis, another Gadling reader, wrote to me and asked where I would take Christopher to eat lunch because he wanted to know where the best burrito place in town was, I had to write back and admit that I had not found the best burrito, I’m still looking, but I did come pretty darn close to finding it in Hermosa Beach. For me, it’s all about the sauce. I like my burritos wet and I like em spicy and I like a lot of guacamole. This prompted Luis to write back and tell me about his favorite chicken place, as well as where to find the best tacos in town. Of course I had to share…
The place is called Dino’s Burgers. My parents discovered it several years ago. It’s a Greek recipe and the chicken is marinated in a delicious red sauce. Make sure you get the chicken on a bed of fries. The sauce will drip on the fries and make them that much better. You may want to go there during daylight hours though. The address is at the top of the webpage. Here’s the info:


If you’re eating at Orange County Mexican restaurants, you’re probably not getting the real deal. You need to go to East LA where I’m from. The place to go in East LA is El Mercadito. There you’ll get the real, grease running through your fingers Mexican food. Try some “Sopes” or “Gorditas“. There are two restaurants at the top floor with Mariachis playing on the weekends. If you want decent tacos, you have to get them from a roach coach, they usually sell them 2 for $1. But you’d have to go late in the evening down Olympic Boulevard. Another option would be King Taco also in East LA. I don’t know how many locations King Taco has, but they have several.

El Mercadito:

King Taco:

Happy Eating!


Dear Luis,
Do you have a blog? If not, you should start one today and make this your first entry! Thanks to you I’m starving and now I must find the places you’ve mentioned.

Happy travels,

(Your hungry flight attendant)

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