Greg’s Garage, Mayor Donna Morrow & Me!

Dear Heather,

I heard you on the KMOX AUTO SHOW with GREG and I wanted to tell you that the session with you was very informative as well as funny too. Auto’s and airplanes are in the transportation field and it was great for auto fans to hear from the other side of transportation also. Additionally I wanted to tell you that I live in the second largest suburb of ST. LOUIS METRO and we have a LADY MAYOR and her full time job is an airline stewardess also.


Dear Refire,

Thank you so much for the kind words. That interview with Greg happened to be my first radio interview ever and I was quite nervous, so nervous, in fact, that by the time Greg called me I was already exhausted. That’s also why I scheduled the interview on Valentine’s Day, because not only would it make for an exciting Valentine’s Day, but I did kind of hope everyone would be too busy celebrating to listen. I told you I was nervous! Now I’m ready for the next one.

Now what is this about the mayor of St. Louis not only being a woman but a flight attendant as well? That’s amazing. How do I meet this woman? I need to contact her because I feature an interesting flight attendant each month on my Galley Gossip blog and the mayor sounds perfect! Thank you so much for this tip!

Heather Poole

So here’s what I found on the Suburban Journal website…

In September she (Donna Morrow) lost her job – and health insurance – as a flight attendant with Ryan International Airlines, a charter air company in Rockford, Ill. Morrow says the job was a perfect fit: she worked 75 hours a month, was paid $26,000 a year and the position posed no ethical conflicts with her job as mayor.

While I figure out a way to contact this amazing woman, you can continue reading about her.


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