50 great travel tweeters on twitter – I made the list!

Yesterday the Telegraph.co.UK made a list of the top 50 travel-related tweeters, and I made the list – TWICE! I say twice because not only was Heather_Poole (me!) listed, which was a bit of a shock, but Gadling was also listed, which makes perfect sense due to the fact that Gadling is an amazing travel website. Here’s what Donald Strachan wrote about twitter…

‘There are as many different uses as there are users’ – one includes an unofficial feed tracking disruption to UK train services. Twitter is a tool not an application. Put another way, there are as many different uses as there are users, so any list of the ‘best’ tweeters is very subjective.

However, if you’ve read my piece about Twitter meets travel, and fancy giving it a go, here are 50 travel-related tweeters whose qualities I can vouch for. Each is either useful, entertaining, responsive or insightful – and the best combine all of the above.

To find out who else made the list and how to set up your own twitter account check out the article, 50 Great Travel Tweeters.



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