Passengers really do like us

Here are two letters to prove it….


I have flown many times and one thing I have noticed is that an older flight attendant is usually kinder and more helpful then one who is there to kick start a career in entertainment. I can honestly recall getting rude with an attendant only once and that was when the attendant had gotten very nasty because my two year old son had gotten sick and I asked him if he had a wet towel I could use to wipe off his face. I give you a lot of credit because I do not believe I could handle your job.


Alice Russell


Dear Skydoll

I read the email from “Big Daddy.” Why doesn’t he move to a foreign country if he likes them that much?

People who deal with the public cannot be praised or thanked enough. To keep a smile on your face, to try to remain professional and helpful, and at the same time deal with the some of the idiots that are among us is unbelievable. I apologize on their behalf for their ignorance, lack of responsibility and respect.

How do you remain polite and understanding when passengers knowingly bring on luggage that is too large to have brought on board and then try to stuff it in overhead bins that were clearly not designed for luggage that size? And, when it doesn’t fit, become upset with the lack of space.

How do you remain polite and understanding when passengers stand in the middle of the aisle getting items from their luggage, setting up their laptops, carefully folding their clothing, etc. while everyone is trying to board? And, when the plane is late in departing, wonder why.

How do you remain polite and understanding when you see passengers allow their children to kick the back of the seats in front of them, stand up and look at passengers behind them, or constantly yell and make noise?

How do you remain polite and understanding when you overhear the very loud conversations between people without any interruption for the entire duration of the flight? And, the poor people around them are too polite to tell them to shut up for just a little while.

How do you remain polite and understanding when the minute the wheels touch the runway, passengers are absolutely uncontrollably frantic to start using their cell phones? Would waiting five minutes until they are in the terminal really make that much of a difference?

How do remain polite and understanding when you see passengers clipping their finger nails as the clippings drop on the floor and fly about. I guess the nail clippers were small enough to pass security. Actually my last flight was the first time I experience this one.

Too bad a requirement of the air fare cannot require passengers to display common courtesy, politeness, understanding, etiquette and self-responsibility. Then flying be enjoyable again. But, until then thank you for doing the job you do.

A frequent flyer



  1. Skydoll? I never heard that phrase before… Skydrol yes, but that is aircraft hydraulic fluid.

    Alas, only an aircraft mechanic knows such inane driveling.

  2. Yes, we like and appreciate what you do. I could get on a plane and find a million reasons to complain, but I prefer to find things to be happy about. But it is not just about flying. It is the same about my relationship, about the place I live, the place I work…

    So yes… we like and appreciate you!!

  3. KATIE – Thanks

    MARTY – Skydoll is my email address (Skydoll123 at yahoo dot com) Never heard of Skydrol until today. 🙂

    ALBERT – I like the way you think

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