Self portrait in the lavatory on the airplane

I was busy working on a post about fear (on and off the airplane) for my Galley Gossip column on and I needed a photo of the lavatory to go along with it, so I logged onto and typed the words LAVATORY AIRPLANE into the search bar. I could not believe what actually popped up. Something very very strange is going on. Strange and disturbing, yet very intriguing. Passengers, all kinds of different passengers, are photographing themselves in the bathroom. That explains a lot. What I want to know is how long has this been going on? And why didn’t anyone tell me? Oh you better believe I’ll be taking my own self portrait next week.



  1. This is weird – But tts not a huge surprise that the majority of these people look like they are on some kind of medication ha-ha

  2. When you first mentioned the photos, I thought they would be creepy and inappropriate. I agree these are odd, but strangely compelling.

  3. It’s not freaky, I have a couple of lav portraits, I think people do it because it’s the only place you can’t be seen taking a photo of yourself, you’re guaranteed a good angle due to the mirror as you can check it and other passengers won’t think you’re weird for taking your own picture on a plane.

    Though with the internet being so popular now, taking one’s photo isn’t considered as odd as it used to be!

  4. hahaha, i think this is hysterical. I love it. I think I might just have to take one of myself on my next trip. Nice post!

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