Author Gavin de Becker writes…

Dear Heather,

I was glad to see that GIFT OF FEAR is of value to you, and I found the stories you added to be great examples. I did a thing with the flight attendant’s union years ago where we made the book available to any flight attendant at some discount worked out with the publisher. Why? Because flight attendants have some special needs, starting with the nature of managing so many relationships on board (so many passengers, unwanted approaches by men – and then the fact of moving through airports, taxis, shuttles, hotels late at night, etc.

My book FEAR LESS that I wrote right after 9/11 has a few chapters about air safety and related issues. Did you see it?

best and thanks

-gavin de becker

Dear Gavin de Becker,

Thank you so much for writing. I’m so glad you read my Galley Gossip post on about your book, The Gift of Fear. It’s an amazing book that may have saved my life more than once. I have not read your more recent book, Fear Less, but I do plan to do so. Could I interview you for another post? I’d love to ask a few questions about trusting your instincts and also about traveling. We could do a book giveaway, too – if you’re interested. (I really hope you’re interested.)

Keep on writing!
Heather Poole

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  1. Thanks for sharing this book Heather. I plan to get it and read it. I have several stories of things happening to fellow flight attendants that are horrific, while on layovers. I am super aware and careful but am always looking for other hints & suggestions. Looking forward to your interview….. 🙂

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