Airplane photos & Hawaiian luaus

I got an email today from an amazing photographer named Ron Dubin. All he wrote was, “It’s a plane, thought you might like it…” So I clicked the link and he was right, I do, indeed, like it. Here’s what else he had to say…

“A single engine plane up in the clouds above Hermosa Beach, California. In case you’re wondering, this was captured at 200mm as I was laying flat on my back in the sand. I must have looked pretty “interesting” with a long white lens sticking out of my face.Not that it matters but I was looking for seagulls. I’ll be posting an image soon.”

To see of more of Ron’s work go to his website – Ron Dubin Photography

Above is my version of the same photo taken in Hawaii. I always thought it’d make a fantastic book cover. I, too, was lying on the beach when I took this picture. And while I’m on the topic of Hawaii, here’s a video of my son rocking out at a luau (just because it cracks me up)…


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