Why? He asks! (a conversation in the lav)

I’m on the airplane and in the lavatory with my son. He’s 2 – almost 3. He begins to reach for something, but I grab his hand and order, “Don’t touch anything!”


“Because it’s dirty.”


“Because it doesn’t get cleaned properly.”


“Because there’s not enough time in between flights.”


“Because they turn the airplanes around fast.”


“Because people have places to go and they want to be on time?”


“Because no one wants to be late.”


“Because time is money.”


“Just don’t touch anything!”

“Why, mommy, why?”



  1. “Why?”
    “Because our carrier is serviced by a ground handling firm we have to retain because we are part of the same Alliance and they could care less to do anything for something other than their own fleet”

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