How not to slam click on an 8 day trip with a 75 hour Paris layover OR 8 days with Bob, the singing Pilot

According to Bob, the singing pilot, you can do an 8 day trip with a 75 hour Paris layover without slam clicking, and here’s how….

Day 1 – Commute to work. Sit around a few hours in crew lounge. Fly all night to Paris and..

Day 2 – Arrive mid morning. 90 minute bus ride to hotel through Paris traffic. Nap. Awake. See French things and do French stuff. Visit Sacre Couer and have a great dinner at nearby restaurant where no tourists are. Go to crew room and bid trip trades in order to try to un-screw up next month’s schedule. Sleep.

Day 3 – Cafe breakfast. Walk through foggy gardens near Eiffel Tower. Fly plane back to US. Go out for a nice dinner.

Day 4 – Awake. Rent mountain bike. Ride to favorite cafe. Then bike on mountain foothill trails. Nap. Depart US in evening, fly all night, arrive Paris at 10:30am next day.

Day 5 – Get to hotel, take power nap for a few hours. Wake up, meet crew, go have a wonderful dinner at Parisian restaurant. Attempt to settle up 380 Euro bill. Go to Pont du Nuef bridge where everybody is sitting around having a party. Find local musicians and join in. Go to night club, Caveau des Oubliettes – aka The Guillotine Bar, and play an open jam session on stage…..after being triple dog dared by flight attendants and other pilot. Go back to hotel. Sleep like a corpse.

Day 6 – Awake early. Meet other crew members. Take train 1.5 hours to Champagne region. Tour Moet Cellars. Sample champagne. Take picture of Dom Perignon statue. Rent bikes. Pedal through vineyards and villages of the Champagne Valley countryside. Buy half case of champagne at mom & pop winery and attempt to fasten it to bike. Success, it didn’t fall off and break! Return to Paris. Go to great restaurant again. Sleep like a zombie.

Day 7 – Take bus to Normandy and tour D-Day beaches, museum, and US cemetery. Gain great appreciation for the sacrifice and bravery of our soldiers who landed at Normandy in WWII. Eat dinner at gas station on 3 hour bus ride back to Paris. Sleep like a coma patient.

Day 8 – Awake. Go to cafe and eat breakfast on sidewalk. Stroll through gardens under Eiffel tower. Return to hotel, put on monkeysuit, get “gate raped” by French TSA, spend 90 minutes setting up airplane, fly it 10 hours back to the US. Commute home on third attempt. Take week off.


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