Interview with the rapping flight attendant

Name: David Holmes (AKA The rapping flight attendant)

Hometown: Bay Area and Chicago…I claim them both.


How long have you been rapping?
Was in a group about 1000 years ago, hadn’t rapped after that until flight attendant training

The first time you rapped on a flight were your coworkers stunned? Yes, they thought I was the shy, quiet type.

Offers must be pouring in! Sign a deal yet? No, though there have been a few discussions

I bet! One thing I couldn’t help but notice was how supportive SWA has been towards you throughout all this. Of course SWA is known for it’s fun atmosphere, but were you surprised at all by how your company reacted?
No, I felt very comfortable that this was a good reflection of the culture that SWA promotes.

You’re all the talk right now. Your mom must be thrilled! What does she have to say? Unfortunately, Mom passed away in 2006.

Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear that. You know she must be smiling down on you from heaven. How many years have you been a flight attendant? 8 months (August 2008)

That’s it! Wow, and look how much your life has changed in 8 short months – just last week you were on Leno! What did you do before you became a flight attendant? Was a ramp agent for 3 years, personal trainer before that.

Besides flying, what else do you do? Trying to start a non profit organization in honor of my late mother.

Tell me more about that. It’s called aid4mom ( It’s purpose is to provide small amounts of financial aid to single mothers for things such as utilities, gas, groceries, and rent/mortgage assistance. My mother was the inspiration behind this. She worked as many as three jobs to make sure our needs were met, yet was always there for birthdays and school plays. I feel that everyone should feel like they had the world’s greatest Mom, and I would like to help someone else’s mother be amazing to her children the way mine was to me. I recently was granted 501(c)(3) status, which is huge, but have been at a standstill ever since. I cannot do this alone, and am a bit overwhelmed with decided the best way to proceed.

Wow, that’s an amazing thing to do. I’m really impressed. Have you contacted Oprah? If not, I will! So…any advice for flight attendants?A small amount of effort can really brighten someones day.



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  1. Great post! We couldn’t be any prouder for @rapping_fa – and i’m sure i share the pride along with our fellow crew members!

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