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Dear Heather

I had a recent flight where I had another cool experience with a flight attendant. I was flying a USAIR/UNITED flight back from Palm Springs. To back up – a few months before the flight, I decided to purchase a headset so that I could have it with me for future flights since my own headsets don’t have the double-prong feature. On the Palm Springs flight, I was surprised to find out that they weren’t showing movies on the flights anymore. I was doing my normal stretching that I do on coast-to-coast flights and was in the back talking to one of the flight attendants. I was asking him why they weren’t showing movies on flights anymore and that I had just bought a headset a month or 2 earlier. He was upset that I wasn’t informed about the change (apparently, during the time I was flying the last flight where I bought the headset, the airlines knew the change was coming but were still selling headsets that wouldn’t be useful in a few months). The flight attendant I was talking to on the Palm Springs flight pulled out a $5 bill (the cost of the headset I paid for) and handed it to me saying he was sorry that this happened. I was stunned! I eventually took the money after many “I can’t accept this…” rounds. Eventually, I used the money to buy a drink so that the business came back to the airline and would, hopefully, help contribute to his job security. I just thought that was AWESOME! There are wonderful flight attendants and pilots out there and no one is getting paid enough!

Amy Armstrong

Dear Amy,

You’re awesome! And so is that flight attendant you met on your Palm Springs flight. I do hope you wrote a letter to the company to tell them what happened. It’s so much easier these days to complain that it’s not often flight attendants get good letters from passengers. They do make a difference. I got one recently and it truly made my day. Thanks for sharing. I’m so glad to hear your flight was a good one.

Heather Poole

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