Hi Heather,

Keeping up with the Laviators Club Taken on a flight from AVP to CLT on a Canadair Regional Jet from USAir Express (Gotta love these little planes … in and out in a couple of minutes and on top of that, they take care of your carry on. Almost like a private jet!).

Related pet peeve… fellow passengers who do not bother to close the lavatory’s door after they are done. Pretty annoying if you are sitting in the back of the plane. And I like to be sitting in the back of the plane because your chances of nobody sitting next to you are always better in the back.

Great blogging and happy flying !!


Jonathan – Twitter @katzmandu

Where’s the freakin coffee packet that should be hanging on the back of the lavatory door? That’s what I’m thinking Chris is thinking as he poses for his official laviator shot. Or maybe that’s just what I’m thinking as I wonder what you’re thinking? If, by chance, LAVIATORS UNITE! is not what you’re thinking, you should probably click here . Now. CLICK IT ALREADY.


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