More Than This, by Margo Candela

I’ve written about my charming, witty, and always stylish friend (and writing partner) Margo Candela before, and I’ve even featured her book, More Than This, in the Galley Gossip post, Love on the Plane. Well I’ve got big news, people! Latino Literacy Now announced the winners of their 11th Annual International Latino Book Awards today during BookExpo America taking place in New York this weekend and More Than This came in second in the Best Novel-Romance category.

“I’m feeling quite chuffed!” Margo wrote on her blog.
Wait, don’t go anywhere just yet, because I’ll be looking that word up in a sec and I’ll share what I find with you. As for her book, it was book ended by Anjanette Delgado’s The Heartbreak Pill and Cecilia Samartin’s Tarnished Beauty.
“Good company, all around,” Margo wrote.
If you haven’t read the book, More Than This, you really should, because I’ll be playing the role of the flight attendant when the movie comes out. And for those of you still wondering what that word chuffed means, Urban dictionary describes it as…
Chuffed: To be very pleased, proud or happy with yourself. I just scored free tickets to the gig, I’m well chuffed!

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  1. You’re funny and nice. I owe you a double order of French toast with all the powdered sugar you could ever want.

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