10 passengers we love to, umm…not like as much as the others: Day 4 – The passenger who tries to score a free first class seat

In Grant Martin’s post, The top 5 myth’s about getting an upgrade, he wrote…

Flight attendants have no control over who gets upgraded when there always might be one last business class passenger coming down the jet bridge right before departure, so they can’t give away a seat. After the boarding door is closed? Maybe if you’re discreet, but with everyone watching, the flight attendant will most definitely say no.

Now I don’t know if Grant was ever a flight attendant, dated a flight attendant, or spends a lot of time in the galley talking to flight attendants, but he’s absolutely right! Flight attendants do not have upgrading powers. But agents do, so make sure to talk to one before you board. That said, the only passengers I’ve ever seen upgraded for free after the door has been shut were uniformed military personel…and…well…they kind of deserve it, don’t ya think?

Below is a list of 10 types of passengers who don’t deserve an upgrade, but give it a shot anyway….

1. I-think-I’m-a-frequent-flier passenger – “I’m a frequent flier and…” That’s how it starts. First of all, I can spot a frequent flier a mile away, so please don’t tell me how many miles you’ve flown because that’s my first clue you haven’t flown as often as you think, not compared to our frequent fliers today. See those passengers sitting in the exit row, as well as the first three rows of coach? Those passengers are at the top of the upgrade list. The best seats on the airplane are held and/or blocked for passengers who fly tens of thousands of miles each year. Anyway, real frequent fliers know the drill, they know what to expect, and they know where, exactly, their name is on the upgrade list, which means I don’t have to tell them they won’t be getting an upgrade, the way I’m telling you, because they know, that I know, that they know exactly what’s going on.

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  1. I think, when I come down to it, people just like to make themselves feel important. Who really cares how many mile you flown, it doesn’t matter. Some people fail to realize if there is any seats open on First or Business class in the first place, doesn’t entitle them to a free upgrade. I am sure that everyone in coach would jump at that seat if it were the case. Just book the ticket you want, show up, take your seat and be polite and don’t stress out airline staff for anything unnecessary, get to your destination and go on with your day, It so simple. If you get a free upgrade, great! just don’t expect or demand it. The first time I ever flew I was lucky enough to be assigned exit row seating. I loved it, but I never expected it. Sorry if my rambling don’t make seance, I running on lack of sleep. lol, Happy Traveling everyone!

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