A question about dating pilots – gay pilots

2725910533_8513755c16Dear Heather,
I flew a MIA-JFK yesterday and thought of you. These were the highlights…
  • Family of 6 in first class made the purser cry
  • Customer service agent boarded the plane to calm passengers down which caused a late push back
  • Lady got dizzy and needed oxygen in economy
  • Lady ran from economy to first class lavatory
  • seconds before take-off
  • We missed our roll
  • No kosher meal made a Jewish lady cry
  • Had to do a “go-round” at JFK
  • Late arrival
  • Missed international connections
  • More yelling passengers

It was a total scene! By the way, can you possibly find a nice pilot for me to date? He doesn’t have to be HOT, just cute enough, and nice…oh and a pilot. LOL


Dear Ron,

Thank you for thinking of me…I think. I mean that was a crazy flight you experienced and I’m not so sure I want to be connected to that kind of drama. Now if you’d said it was a great flight and you thought of me, I’d be thrilled. But a bad flight? Not good. And that’s exactly why I avoid the NY – Miami route at all costs. It’s always a tough trip to work.

As for finding you a cute pilot to date, I’ll definitely keep an eye out and I’ll pass the word along to my mother who is also a flight attendant. Though that might not be such a great idea, considering one of the worst pilot dates I ever had was a blind date my mother arranged with a 757 first officer from New York. Not that I can pick them any better. My friend Cady, on the other hand, always had good luck with pilots and even married one. Perhaps her husband, an international Airbus Captain based in Miami, can be of assistance…




  1. Totally random but somewhat related to the MIA => JFK flight (or MIA/FLL/PBI/MCO to JFK/LGA/EWR or now I’m forgetting the McArthur Airport code)

    My mother, a good Long Islander who has made her way to West Palm Beach, always refers to the “Miracle of Flight” that occurs on all these flights. When she gets on any of these routes up north, the majority of passengers her age (+/- 70) are being escorted to the aircraft in wheelchairs. When they land on the other side, these same passengers are able to deplane and make their way to baggage claim unassisted. Fantastic…truly fantastic.

  2. Gosh, Ron. I’m a flight attendant for a major airline and have several gay pilot friends, but they are all taken I’m afraid. You could join the National Gay Pilots Association – they allow cabin crew to join. They have lots of cool activities all over the country year round where you could meet “the one”!


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