What happens when a laviator finds a cracked winglet

Hi Heather,
I have a rather funny story to tell you that happened to me on my flight today… 
We were on our way to Manchester, and I happened to look out the window and the winglet looked as though it had a crack in it!  I didn’t panic, I figured planes fly all the time without winglets so I just figured if anything happened it would just break off – the winglet that is.  I decided to take a picture of it and show the flight attendant who then wanted to take my camera to the cockpit to show the pilots…
Now let me back up to what I was doing just prior to the winglet incident.  I was doing my new, fun thing I do on airplanes that I learned from my new friend Heather Poole!  I was in the lav snapping pics of myself for the laviators club.  5 maybe 6, and some very, VERY bad pics!  So reluctantly, I gave my camera to the flight attendant who then takes it to the cockpit where it remained throughout the rest of the flight!  As we were approaching and the flight attendants were collecting the trash she brought it back to me and assured me that everything was fine with the winglet.  I KNEW that the pilots had to have looked at all my pictures! 
As I was exiting the captain was standing in the jetway and I asked him if he was our pilot or just coming on and he smiled and said he was our pilot so I said “Did you look at all my pictures?”  He grinned and said “I’ll never tell.”  I was so embarrassed!  So as it turned out, our winglet was fine and I’m sure that the pilots got a good laugh!  Next time, I’ll let the winglet fall off!!!  LOL! 
Your friend and future flight attendant,

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