Flight attendant shoes – Clarks

ZQANwdsRQDAQAMAoSHLxSqjE7x2HjEeMMGlDHz60yO6Tt--d3In4rS50vCy4sb-CmM5zb5SKMUrCY3bb2PsxTJ6D7PyqJKoKAbgsmHVNZKzNC9C6NDBUGimrDVBqAaITHw__When I think of Clarks, I think of my mother who is also a flight attendant.  She’s a huge fan of the shoe. I think she owns like ten pairs already.  So whenever it’s time to get new shoes for work, she’s always telling me to GET A PAIR OF CLARKS!  THEY’RE CUTE AND COMFORTABLE!  Apparently, according to my mother, quite a few flight attendants are wearing them.  No offense mom, but a girl just doesn’t want to look or feel like her mother, no matter how pretty or cool her mom may be.  I’m sorry!  Well two nights ago I ran into a flight attendant wearing an adorable pair of shoes.  Not only were they Clarks, I remember staring at the exact same pair online and thinking maybe, just maybe, only to end up with a pair of cushy and comfortable Aerosoles instead.  But now those Aerosoles are looking a tad bit worn out, which means it’s time for a new pair of shoes – Again!  In real life these shoes are actually much cuter, so cute, in fact, this is what I’ll be buying next from Zappos.com – Clarks Radiant $90.

UPDATE: I still haven’t bought these shoes (7/9/10)



  1. I bought my Clark heels on Oxford St on sale for less than 20 pounds! The are the best heels I’ve ever bought! I’ve been in ever other Clark store in the States and can’t find them anywhere; I’m going to cry big tears when they die.

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