Laviators: #’s 27, 28, 29 & 30

3663808876_6b54ae6d4aSeriously, people, you know you’ve hit the big time when Dave, the editorial director at, joins the laviators club!     







 krk 108 


 Here is a shot of me on June 30 in the air on an Aer Lingus flight between Dublin and NYC. I look pretty tired here…but it might have something to do with the late night “farewell” I had in Krakow. – Andrew



 This is Shelby.  Not only is she a flight attendant, she’s agreed to be my Galley Gossip flight attendant of the month this month.  Until then, check out her very own flight attendant blog – My View From Up Here.





 This shot of Dan is definitely one of my top five favorites.  I mean just look at the guy, he’s so darn happy.  And he’s on an airplane !  This is the kind of passenger flight attendants dream about, the kind who smiles and gives you a thumbs up, regardless of whether or not it’s a thumbs up kind of day.



  1. Dan appears like one of those people who scare me when they sit next to me on a flight…a little too happy.

  2. Wow! You got the Frommers guy?

    I love the Frommers book series. I use them religiously. My one gripe about Frommers is that they do not have pictures. Or decent maps. So before I switch to Rick Steves, maybe Dave can take his iphone and photograph the lavs at all the Frommers recommended restaurants, attractions, and hotels.

    And another thing…

    You call these people “laviators.” The term “laviator” implies you are actually flying the airplane while sitting on the toilet.

    ….Which, by the way, the TSA would love. That way pilots could be locked in the cockpit until landing. Flight attendants might like that to. Tie a hammock to the circuit breaker panel and there’s the crew rest facility for long haul flights. A jail cell food slot could be used to serve us our burnt/frozen crew meals.

    Sorry, got off on a rant there.

    Anyway…..Shouldn’t you call these people “lavographers” instead? Or perhaps “photoileters?”

  3. Zenpilgrim – Then it’s settled, I’ll take the seat next to Dan!

    Bob – Where were you when I was looking for a name for the club? Lavographers is brilliant!

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